Why Plantein?

Good for people and the planet

Not only are plants a rich source of nutrients that are vital for our good health, research shows that a plant-based diet can help us transform the planet’s future. How? By helping to reduce greenhouse gases and slowing climate change and habitat destruction for endangered species. Every single one of us can contribute to not only a sustainable food source but also a healthier planet and a healthier us.

The option is yours to make. We love the food we produce and we know it’s good for people and good for the planet.

Better for you

A healthy diet is about balance and eating a wide variety of foods to satisfy your taste buds. Our Plantein foods are about choice and providing an alternative source of protein – one that’s nutritious and wholesome and packed with all sorts of good stuff. Better for the planet, better for you and your family.

Better for you
Big on taste

Big on taste

A Plant-Based diet should be delicious as well as healthy. That’s why each of our meals has been carefully developed to maximize texture, crunch, sizzle and juiciness. Plant-protein that looks and tastes exactly like what you’re used to. There’s no sacrifice when it comes to flavour – it will be love at first bite for the whole family.

Very clever food

Plantein represents years of research, creativity and craftsmanship. We source the very best ingredients and take the time to perfect our recipes for not only taste but also texture and visual appeal.

Plantein Meat Balls
Plant-Based Nuggets

Created in Australia... and now available in Canada!

The creators of Plantein have been into food for more than 30 years and are behind some of Australia’s best-known brands.

Plantein is the result of decades of dedicated craftsmanship from these culinary and food experts who know what makes food taste good and what customers demand when it comes to their eating experience.

And now, these same delicious plant-based entrees are available in Canada.

Explore our Plant-Based Product Range

Our Plant-Based products are made with all of the taste, sizzle and crunch that you’re used to… and are good for you too!

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