Frequently Asked Questions

Free on qualified orders. Shipping costs vary depending on where you are in Canada.

Currently we ship anywhere in Canada.

Most orders arrive within 5 days of placing your order.

No. We ship all orders between Monday and Thursday to avoid frozen product sitting in a warehouse over the weekend.

All orders received by Tuesday will ship the same week. Orders going farther East than Ontario will ship the following Monday.

Depends on how much product you order.

We ship with dry ice. Your product should be fine as long as you are home any time the same day as the delivery.

Yes. All of our products have a 30 day shelf life once thawed. If they are even partially frozen you can put them back in the freezer.

We do not accept returns. If there is a valid complaint we will replace your product.
No. We are continually looking for new packaging options that are better for the environment.
In the fridge or freezer.

Most of our products are 100% plant based. A few of our products do contain dairy (cheese.) All products are meat free.

Please email the company if you have any concerns about the nutritional facts on the products you have purchased.
No. At this time sourcing 100% organic ingredients is not achievable or cost effective.
Although some products may be inherently gluten free, we do not market any of our products as gluten free.
Yes. Many of our products do contain soy. Soy is good for you!
No. None of our products contain MSG.

Many of our bars and bites do contain nuts. Our meat like products do not and they are manufactured in a separate facility.

Yes for our bars and bites. No for the meat like products.
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