Welcome to the next generation of healthy eating

Our scrumptious, Plant-Based products use the power of protein, the goodness of plant foods and the deliciousness of your usual choices to create healthy, sustainable and mouth-watering meals.

All of your Protein needs, with none of the guilt

When leading food experts came together to rethink protein, they came up with Plantein. Protein from plants! Healthy, nutritious and delicious vegetarian and vegan choices that give you new plant diet options for your everyday meals.

Explore our Plant-Based Product Range

Our Plant-Based products are made with all of the sizzle, crunch and taste that you’re used to… and good for you too!!

“As any parent knows, dinner time with 2 kids can be stressful, since discovering Plantein I have been able to give my kids balanced meals without any dinner time tantrums!”

Christine Zabitis, mum of 2

Developed by a team of experts for the whole world to enjoy

Plantein entrees were developed and perfected in Australia by a team of experts for everybody, everywhere. And now these delicious offerings are available in Canada.

Plant Points

Get more than the health benefits of plant-based products! With our rewards program, you can earn points to save money on your purchases

points for sign up
points for referring a friend
points for every dollar you spend
$ 1 CAD
discount for exchange of 10,000 points

Buy Vegan Food Online

Finding healthy vegetarian and vegan food has never been easier! Order Plantein plant-based food products online, get them delivered to your door and prepare guilt-free nutritious vegetarian meals following our award-winning plant-based recipes. On plantein.ca you can buy plant-based foods, and cook meatless versions of popular meals like vegan fish fillets, vegan chicken burgers, vegan chicken nuggets, meatless chicken strips, and of course the classics like veggie burger patties.

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